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As the technology rises, internet is not new to us. Even some of us can’t live a day without internet applications such as facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and etc. In the current statistics there are over 1.5 billion websites on the world wide web today. Of these, less than 200 million are active. The milestone of 1 billion websites was first reached in September of 2014, as confirmed by NetCraft in its October 2014 Web Server Survey and first estimated and announced by Internet Live Stats.  As internet users, we engage websites with registration where us users need to fill a form that includes our personal data such as Name, Address, Email Address and etc. Every active internet users will encounter this situation where you fill the registrations forms and verify your identity that particular website and the next website and so on. Imagine how time consuming it is. That’s why some users skip a transactions where they need to make a new registration. We need an innovative application that will do this type of job.

What is SAFEIN?

A short description about safein, it is a single sign-on digital identity and payment wallet that is blockchain-base ensuring security on its users. With this platform users can easily demonstrate their verified identity online when it is needed, like making instant payments. Many website nowadays is collaborating with facebook and twitter for their signups but other high scale websites like paypal and airbnb needs a verification because this websites are more about e-commerce payments which are need to be secured. With the help of safein, users can now signup with just one click and forget the time consuming forms registrations. Safein will deliver your data to the websites that users want to signup with the approval of the user. In Safein platform you’re always in control over your data in any websites that you had signup width using the platform, you can trace your activity on every website by the use of history archive of the safein platform and anytime you can revoke the access of any website or mobile app to your data. Every safein users can store your money on platform either its crypto or political money and safein will the one to convert that currency on your merchant preferred currency. Under safein every transaction is fast, secure and very cheap for the safein users.



Token Name:SFN
Number of Tokens to be issued: 1,000,000,000 SFN
Price:  1 ETH = 7,000 – 9,000 SFN
Token for sale: 10%  (100,000,000 SFN)
Cryptocurrencies accepted: ETH
Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
Soft cap: 4,000 ETH
Hard cap: 12,500 ETH

SFN Token is design to allow every participants of e-commerce ecosystem to participate in Safein platform. Their are three ways you can earn SFN token through smart contracts. First is on initial coin offering during ICO crowd-sale which will start on May 25, 2018. As of now everybody can avail on safein whitelist and get great discoun/bonus during pre-ICO.  Then the registration pool where first 5million safein registered users will receive SFN token. Lastly is the referral program which reward every member in the community who can bring new users to the system. Every users who own SFN token will get the privilege to process payments for free and each activity for safein users also rewarded with SFN tokens. Watch the video below about on SFN token model.



There will be 1,000,000,000 SFN tokens generated. Only 100,000,000 SFN(10%) to be conducted on crowd-sale, 200,000,000 SFN will go to the three pools Safein first the registration pool 100,000,000 SFN of the total tokens, safein login pool 50,000,000 SFN and referral pool 50,000,000 SFN(all together 20% of total tokens generated), another 100,000,0000 SFN(10%) tokens will got to the safein team and advisors and the remaining 600,000,000 SFN tokens will be reserved(60%).These numbers (just 10% for founders and advisers) shows more or less, that the team is keen to receive money on project development, and most likely will not run away to Maldives with pockets full of cash.




If we talk about the expected funds distribution (pretty high hard cap —  12,500 ETH) most of the funds will be use on developing cryptocurrency wallet and payments functionality that’s roughly 5125 ETH (41%), 4,000 ETH(32%) the second biggest cut of the funds will go to sales and marketing , anyone knows that a product with good sales and marketing will always be a successful project. Another 1625 ETH(13%) will be use for Cost and Revenue. To be legal the project needs license from electronic money institution and it will cost  1125 ETH(9%) and lastly 500 ETH for the administrative, operational and staffing expenditures for 2 years.


Above you can see the roadmap  of this project that can give us information that we can use on our own planning and guidance for investing this project.


The team behind Safein is composed of successful repeat entrepreneurs and various industry
experts giving Safein the experience necessary for building and growing Safein platform.


Beside it is a great project it also receives high ICO-Benchmark on top trusted sites for ICO.

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