Qurrex / QRX ICO Review

Cryptocurrency market is growing. It has already made a debut to the real world with funds increasing from millions to billions. Crypto-economy is getting bigger and bigger together with its’ transactions. Sadly, problems are tending not to be acknowledged by traditional tools for exchanges of cryptocurrency.
The Problem
In reality, crypto-market is growing and it will mature from time to time. Issues and problems regarding exchanges are increasing as well. Initially, there are already projects organizing the decentralized exchange and centralized exchanges of cryptocurrencies. These projects seek to address the same challenges which in general the transparency of the process, security, accountability, and demand. In general, these projects one way or another are able to resolve the problem. However, another one is arousing in their place.

The Product and its solutions

Qurrex is creating a next-generation exchange with a hybrid architecture. The product that seeks to resolve all of these challenges. Its platform will become the first cryptocurrency exchange based on high-performance architecture from the leading international trading platforms
Qurrex has made a resolution to this thanks to its hybrid system.
The Querrey hybrid system consisting of the following;
1) Centralized node
2) Client functionality that meets their demands
3) Blockchain network

Qurrex is setting crypto-economy industrial standard into universal cryptocurrencies exchanges. A goal that exiting platform wishes to achieve after years of effort. Besides, this project in years to come, Qurrex will become the biggest component on the development of the crypto-economy. It’s not only on the part of satisfying the demand in favor of the cryptocurrencies and giving resolutions to the problems but also creates a favorable condition to newbies in the crypto-market.
Research led Qurrex a new approach in which they are referring to the increase of the instrument on liquidity and clients’ confidence unregulated infrastructure providers. In order to provide clients transparency on their transaction a user-friendly tools for maximizing liquidation and executing operations will be provided with the formulation of a new concept on their approach in which are;

– centralized exchange to remain the effective solution in creating a possible maximum liquidity across the majority of types of trading instruments;
– it is only within a centralized infrastructure that effective creation of partial pre-deposit of funds is possible.
– Decentralized exchanges (DEX) with high capacity remain, unfortunately, an unattainable goal in the medium term, whereas clients need a high-quality service now.


Qurrex token has a significant benefit to it user. It allows you to have a significant saving on the exchange commissions and increase income. Qurrex token can be used in centralized and decentralized exchange. Using the token in centralized exchange will functions as the follows; discount, medium to pay fees and other currencies, and quoted exchange of the commodity. In terms of discount, issued tokens on a periodic basis will be a permanent discount up to 20 percent. The highest of the two values. Qurrex token; the current exchange or determinate nominal value, the owner of the token can pay for any of the exchange’s services or fees. On the other hand, Qurrex token in decentralized exchange appears to be as a utility in order to avoid a systematic issue that might appear in the case of the limited issued tokens.

Roadmap and Future Developments

NOV 2017
✓ An internal protocol for trade transactions was approved.
✓ A scalable, fault-tolerant architecture for a multi-user terminal was designed and built.
✓ A prototype of the system’s central link was developed.

FEB-APR 2018

✓ Token-sale

JUN 2019
✓ Obtaining CSSF license for providing broker services on the cryptocurrency market
✓ Integration with pay systems, a user dashboard, and acceptance of fiat currencies.
✓ Marginal trading with cryptocurrency pairs, fiat currencies, and other assets
✓ API connection for placing trade orders and receiving market data
✓ Algorithm trading in the Qurrex web terminal

✓ Analytical services and infographics on the Qurrex portal.

SEP 2019
✓ Ratings of trade strategies in the Qurrex terminal
✓ Transaction copying service for managing traders
✓ The Qurrex info portal, a base for trading algorithms and embedded scripts
✓ Back-end services for Qurrex’s corporate clients and brokers.
DEC 2019
✓ Opening of representative offices in additional jurisdictions
✓ Registration of Qurrex’s DEX nodes
✓ Integration of the DEX trading segment into the web platform
✓ Incorporation of DEX liquidity into the trade order register of the exchange.
Qurrex / QRX Token
Token Name:  QRX
Total Supply: 70,000,000 QRX
Token for sale:  55,000,000 QRX
Pre-ICO: 17M QRX token Available (May 16, 2018 – May 31, 2018)
Public Sale: 38M QRX Token Available(June 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018)
Bonus: Pre-Sale bonus: 15 ETH – 5% additional tokens 30 ETH – 15% additional tokens 150 ETH – 25% additional tokens 750 ETH – 40% additional tokens
Price:  400 QRX = 1 ETH
Bonus: Available
Platform: Ethereum
Hard Cap: $35,000,000 USD
Cryptocurrencies accepted:   ETH, BTC, LTC
Country:  Cayman Islands
KYC: ✓ Passed
If you wish to participate on Qurrex ICO I will leave the links below as guidance. Thank you for reading on my review.


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