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Ultimately, almost everyone wants to change some aspect of their appearance and to get into more active lifestyle. More likely, to lose weight, have muscles and get that aesthetic perfect body or simply get into healthier lifestyle. Those are the reasons why everyone wants to start exercising but sadly loses interest at the end because they are demotivated. Gym membership is getting expensive year by year so better off grinding our bodies and earn at the same time.

A Team composed of technology experts headed by Carmelo Milian, co-founder One Cloud, LLC, came with application that would compensate everyone who takes care of themselves and motivate those who are not into exercising. This is where the GYM Rewards comes in, an application that would pay your sweats in the gym.  By of course, introducing to us the Plata Blockchain.

Why Plata Blockchain and cryptocurrency on GYM Rewards? Plata blockchain has the following features; 1) Proof of Exercise, 2) Free Contract submission, 3) Tokens fee transaction based on tokens itself. These features help the whole application run smoothly and work easily. The Proof of Exercise feature indicates the amount of token to be rewarded once the required work has been met. This is activated through detecting the location in the geolocation coordinates contract and using heart beats via the Gym application. GYM Rewards will use cryptocurrency token that can be mine using our body. This mean that everyone has the privilege to earn the currency but the more work has been met means more earnings. Also, earning structure is based on mining difficulty and the tokens become more valuable.

Getting this GYM Rewards application is very simple.  It will start by downloading the application, setting your heart rate monitor app, and do the work outs. GYM Rewards is also applicable to our all local gyms out there. In cases, your local gym is not a participant to this application it’s not a hindrance for you can do sponsorship by submitting local gym application and you get to earn 0.5% off to all participant who download the application referred by you. In a bigger perspective, this GYM rewards application is also available to all special sporting event and the process is the same. Local gym and Special sporting event application must be submitted to GYM Regards website for approval. Rewards tokens is redeemable to your participating local gyms and tradable to any participating currency exchange.  On other hand, the application is not yet fully developed and may be experiencing some changes on the features but regardless such thing this application is an innovation and saving us to be stuck in some existing useless gym tokens.

Therefore, GYM Rewards is an engaging application that offers all in one solution giving us undeniably good motivation to be in shape since this application support getting paid for exercising.

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GYM Token

Token Name: GYM
Contract: 0x92d3e963aa94d909869940a8d15fa16ccbc6655e
Decimals: 18
Platform: Ethereum
Number of Tokens to be issued:  2,000,000,000 GYM
 Price:   1 GYM= 0.0001 ETH
Token for sale: 1,000,000,000 GYM
Cryptocurrencies accepted:   ETH
Soft cap: 100 ETH
Hard cap: 15,000 ETH

Owning GYM Tokens

There are two ways to own GYM Tokens. First, join on Gym Rewards Initial Coin Offering. It was on March 1 this year with  50% BONUS but only 10 Million Tokens to be sold daily.  If the Hard Cap will be reached in any time, the Initial Coin Offering will end.  Just log to to buy GYM Tokens. All unsold tokens will go the reserve GYM Tokens for GYM mining.

The other way to Earn Gym Tokens is the GYM Rewards App
This app will track your exercises activities and it will be the All in One solution to help our athletes to be motivated on their exercises. Participants must provide cryptocurrency wallet to manage their earnings. The App will monitor your heart rate and GYM Tokens will be rewarded base on your exercise log.

The Team Behind GYM Rewards

GYM Rewards Advisors

Tokens Distributions

• 73% for GYM App Mining
• 10% Token Sale*
• 5% Long Term Reserve
• 5% Core Team
• 4% Airdrop and Bounties
• 3% Advisors and Partnerships

Tokens will be distributed into six categories, most of the tokens will be a reserve for GYM App Mining. Just 5% will go the team and 3% the Advisers and Gym Rewards partners. These numbers (just 5% for founders and 3% for advisers)  shows more or less, that the team is keen to receive money on project development, and most likely will not run away to the Fowl Cay Resort of Bahamas with pockets full of cash.

You can join GYM Rewards Bounty program just log on to.

In case you’d like to read more about Gym Rewards project you can read on their Whitepaper.

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