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In a world of business, competitors are only one click away and building loyalty is the newest trend in the market. Customers are already equipped with information/details that would allow them to identify companies that could give fantastic customer experience. Every retailer spends billions to continue with their loyalty program but in the long run shut down due to financial constraint, complicated setup and it’s time-consuming. The result is a low client retention. Customers stop participating in this loyalty program for one main reason; dissatisfaction. Program offer is dull and earning rewards is complicated.

What is BitRewards and Rewards & Loyalty Platform?

BitRewards is an innovative business model bringing rewards to shops & shoppers that is based on blockchain technology. BitRewards is now in the market that offers a blockchain loyalty platform and ecosystem that enables retailers to reward their customers’ purchases, friends’ invited and other configurable actions with crypto-currency saving your business from drought and gaining more sales. Unlike other rewards program out there in the market, BitRewards offers their valuable, expensive system free of charge. This is a unique value of proposition for retailers. Also, BitRewards allows you to configure the rewards and actions for each particular business to address its unique target audience and achieve the highest return on investment from every dollar spent on the rewards because of its unique feature the Al-based predictive analytics. In addition, the BitRewards platform is a B2B2C reward and loyalty solution with the used of blockchain technology and smart contract.
BitRewards works easily with the virtue of BIT token benefiting both merchants and customers. Merchants get BIT software for free and running in the market history for 5 years and revenue grows 17% average. Customers get rewards in BIT tokens. It can be easily redeemed or cashed out through their purchases, purchases of the friends that they referred to the store, shares, and likes in social networks and other actions. Customers get liquid tokens, Merchants gets more sales and the community benefits from the ecosystem growth. BitRewards provide BitRewards wallet or the Ethereum wallet allowing purchasers to track all their points and providing other options to those who have security issues.
What makes this BitRewards from any other loyalty program out there? Its the fact that there are no more useless points, uncomfortable cards and points are return in a form of bit tokens allowing purchaser to take hold without expiration or spend it at their own discretion while the merchants get undeniable value and receive loyalty program free of charge that helps the store increase profit and lower their operating cost. With its powerful ATI, the store is allowed to integrate its BitRewards tools to any popular e-commerce platforms and services. Also, with Al- BitRecommendations as one of BitRewards tools analyses the rewards that were given by the loyalty systems of different merchants, aggregates the received data. Thus, giving predictions to all future awards.
Above all, BitRewards is a loyalty platform that permeates all retailers from any shape and sizes to connect with the customer, maintain client, attract a bigger audience in the market, and increase net profit by the average of 17 percent. Through this, the community benefits from the ecosystem growth.
Watch a short presentation about on what is BitRewards.

Owning BIT Tokens

There are different ways on becoming a BIT token owner. First, you can participate in Initial Coin Offering and buy BIT tokens at the lowest price and get bonuses on Presale which still available now, you can Signup here, Second  you can wait till BIT tokens will listed on open exchanges which usually at higher price compare from Initial Coin Offering.  Third, become a  customer and make a purchase in an online store, which is connected to the BitRewards module and sees the reward they can earn for every item they buy in the store.

Usually online store’s websites now are collaborating with Facebook, Twitter and etc, on one click registration. So you don’t need to fill-up those time-consuming registration forms.

Now as a customer, you see the confirmation of their BIT reward after the completion of your purchase.

Then you can redeem those BIT points directly into your Ethereum compatible wallet and make a purchase on online store that are connected to BitRewards Module.


BIT Token

Token Name: BIT
Number of Tokens to be issued: Up to 2 billion BIT
Platform: Ethereum
 Price:   1 BIT = 0.00003472 ETH
Token for sale: Up to 1.28 billion BIT
Cryptocurrencies accepted:  BTC, ETH
Minimum investment: 1000 BIT
Soft cap: $3 000 000 USD
Hard cap: $15 000 000 USD
BIT token is an ERC-20 standard-basis Ethereum token. BIT token will be used as payment of goods and services in partner merchants of the BitRewards system and can also be converted into a fiat currency such as USD at the open market, or at the BitRewards liquidity contract. BIT token is designed to allow every participants around the globe to participate the Initial Coin Offering of BitRewards and be one of the owner of BIT tokens. Up to 1.28 billion BIT tokens will be available for sale and the unsold token will eventually burned. Public  Presale is already started last January 12, 2018 and it will end on March 30 in the same year. Crowd sale will start  on April 1, 2018 and it will end on April 30, 2018.

Funds Allocations

If hard cap will not be reached, this would be the budget percentage allocation but to be honest, I do not believe in such a scenario. With a very innovative project, no purchase limit, with a good PR and marketing campaign.


Roadmap and Development Perspective

As you can see the roadmap  of this project goals & objectives, and the timeline indicating the schedule,  that can give us information that we can use on our own planning and guidance for investing this project.

Team Behind BitRewards Project

As Steve Jobs said “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”.  This project is having one the best team that I’ve encounter so far. It consists of 19 experts including the CEO Alex Egorov,  he is an Expert on Banking and financial sphere for 15 years. The rest of the team is also exceptional on their fields. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field. I like the way they presented themselves. As well as picking up couple known in a crypto world names could significantly increase their popularity.


Alex Egorov

Alexander Nevidimov
CTO, Blockchain architecture,
Big Data expert

Andrey Kladov
Mobile architecture,

Vitaliy Makarenko

Marat Arslanov

Segey Alisov
Head of design

Ilya Starovoitov
Business Development

Slava Zytsar
Frontend engineer

Dmitri Semenov
QA engineer

Max Litkevich
Technical support

Nail Gazizyanov
Chat-bot, machine
learning engineer

Vasiliy Kurkin
Fullstack engineer

Sergey Edinin
Backend developer

Evgheniy Ahmetgareev
Network security engineer

Roman Mukhutdinov
Frontend engineer

Ramil Zayneev
Full-stack developer

Alexey Gritsyna
Business Development,

Greg Mann
USA Sales and IR,
Board member

Rumen Slavchov
PR, IR, Marketing and


Ivan Anichkov
Advisor Enterprise
solutions, Data Expert

John McNaughton
Advisor Payments processing
and finance advisor

Sergey Fradkov
International scaling and
business development

Roman Yankovskiy
Legal Advisor

Reuben Godfrey
Advisor, PR, global scaling

Jason Hung
Advisor, technology,
Greater China scaling

Sergei Repko
ICO strategy,
marketing, IR

Renat Razumov
Advisor blockchain, vision

Nathan Christian

Alex Linenko
Tokenomics, business
and financial model,

Anton Pushkov
Legal Advisor

How To Invest In BitRewards BIT?

Investing BitRewards is the very easy part. You only have to participate in the Initial Coin Offering and you will be able to acquire BIT tokens from this company. Presale is still ongoing you can buy BIT tokens, but first you need to signup first here and join on the white-listed list to earn bonuses everytime you purchase BIT tokens.


In case you’d like to read more about BitRewards project you can on their Whitepaper.

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Author Info:
Bitcointalk Username: howlong358
Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1373482
ETH Address: 0x8a6c8959642a0cb2823eacdfbe81788e69ad6f04

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